How MCC is made

How Pongrácz Cap Classique is made

Pongracz Method - Step 1

Step 1:

After picking, whole bunches of grapes are off-loaded into the velo-pneumatic press, where they are gently pressed. Only the best quality free running juice, called cuvée, is used.

Pongracz Method - Step 2

Step 2:

The cuvée is settled and fermented in tanks. The base wine is then blended, stored, stabilised and bottled.

Pongracz Method - Step 3

Step 3:

Liquer de tirage and yeast are then added to the base wine, and the bottles are sealed tightly with crown caps. The base wine then undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle under cool temperature-controlled conditions.

Pongracz Method - Step 4

Step 4:

During the clarification stage, the bottles go through remuage (the riddling process, which involves gradual turning and inversion of the bottle, bringing the sediment comprising spent yeast cells known as the lees, into the neck of the bottle).

Pongracz Method - Step 5

Step 5:

To remove the sediment, the neck of the bottle is frozen so that the sediment forms a “plug” which is expelled through the pressure in the bottle when the crown caps are removed, leaving the wine clear.

Pongracz Method - Step 6

Step 6:

The dosage (topping up the bottle with sweetish wine) is added to balance the taste, the bottle is corked and labelled, and is ready for your enjoyment.