Methode Cap Classique

Pongrácz Cap Classique Range

Our goal is to create wines of exemplary quality and character by utilising traditional winemaking techniques that complement the unique qualities derived from our vineyards, in a style that best reflects each Cap Classique. The wines are complex and showcase a flawless balance between terroir-driven grapes and excellence in winemaking.
Desiderius Pongrácz

The vintage Desiderius Pongrácz is so much more than just a beautiful bottle and exquisite taste. It’s a Méthod Cap Classique with a mesmerising personality.

Pongrácz Brut

This is a timeless Cap Classique with great elegance and complexity.

Pongrácz Rosé

This Cap Classique Rosé delights the palate as much as the eye and evokes an air of romance with its delicate salmon pink hue.

Pongrácz Noble Nectar

The delicate sweetness of Pongrácz Noble Nectar is presented in a beautifully shaped purple-hued bottle which, when placed under UV-light, illuminates to create show-stopping dazzle.

Pongrácz Blanc De Blancs

The exciting introduction of such an expressive purity of Chardonnay is sure to pique the interest of mainstream drinkers and serious oenophiles alike.