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BOLD INTERVIEW with Sir Abner: Male Styling Secrets

2020-06-08 12:27:34

What a privilege it was for Pongrácz to chat to prominent South African designer Sir Abner to discover his bold, male styling tips. Read our mini-interview below and be sure to share this post with fellow fashion aficionados.

Pongrácz: What do you think is a universal or timeless styling tip for the gents?

Sir Abner: Know your “go-to” essentials to match up any key pieces to own any look you pull out of your closet.

  • A good quality pair of jeans that you can dress up or down
  • A hybrid pair of sneakers for an edgy, updated look in a suit – or paired with shorts and a formal shirt
  • A good pair of derby formal shoes for all seasons, in black and brown
  • A watch fit for the occasion you’re attending or celebrating and matched to the shoes you’re wearing

Pongrácz: When it comes to male fashion, what are the different elements that help create a really bold look?

Sir Abner: Different hats always add character and personality to any outfit, any time of the day and for any occasion.

Pongrácz: Do you have any bold style tips for daytime vs evening time wear?

Sir Abner: Always make the clothes express the wearer’s identity and remember style is fluid so have fun with it. The “trend” should be to copy you and not the other way around!