Pongrácz participates in Distell Inter Hotel Challenge

Pongrácz participates in Distell Inter Hotel Challenge

25 May 2020 

Pongrácz is pleased and excited to announce its participation in the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge, a competition “to create and sustain a strong national base of top-quality chefs, bakers, wine stewards and concierges.” The winning wine steward of this year’s competition will win a trip to the epicentres of whiskey- and winemaking: Scotland and France. They will also be given the opportunity to work beside a leading sommelier team in London.

The group of wine stewards joined our protégée winemaker, Andiswa Mapheleba for the competitions’ Grape to Glass virtual information sessions earlier in May. She shared her passion and love for winemaking.

Born in the Transkei, Andiswa grew up in East London.  “I was raised by my mother who was an advocate for education and hard work, which is what I live by daily.  I was drawn to winemaking because of my love for science and art, and the fact that I wanted to do something that was completely out of the ‘norm’. Andiswa aims for softness, elegance and finesse when making Pongrácz.

For more about the Distell Inter Hotel competition visit www.showcook.com.