Your Way

Pongrácz, Your Way

There’s only one way you live life.
And only one way to enjoy Pongrácz.

Your Way.

To accompany our new look and feel we launched a brand campaign capturing the zeitgeist of the moment. PONGRÁCZ, YOUR WAY celebrates the spirit of South Africans who do things their way. It’s about having a sense of self, living a good life with good friends and having a future to look forward to. South African women are also embracing new opportunities to define themselves through the work they do, in love and through friendships.

We also have our own voice. The traditional ‘I Did It My Way’ (most memorably done by Frank Sinatra) has been remixed to represent our local energy and style. The genre is GQOM, currently considered to be the fastest growing dance/club music genre in the world. Just like our famous MCC, Gqom is a mixture of our traditional past (the click in isiXhosa is mimicked by a drum or snare) and our love of dance music.

‘I Did It My Way’ expresses the idea of choosing how to live, something we’ve all evaluated over the last two years of the pandemic. The lyrics use a metaphor about the ups and downs in life, and how if you’re true to yourself, you’ll live a full and meaningful life.

We wanted to capture the sentiment of this great song and introduce it to a brand new South African audience, welcoming them back to the Pongrácz family. What better way than with a video featuring a celeb who, just like you, has got ahead in life on her own terms. The 75’ video features Amanda du Pont, a well-known South African actress and businesswomen. Watch the video here and celebrate, your way.

Amanda Du Pont